Introducing Rocky Mountaineer’s Newest Route: Rockies to the Red Rocks


Rocky Mountaineer's newest rail route, Rockies to the Red Rock, showcases the breathtaking views of the southwest United States. This epic two-day route travels between Moab, Utah and Denver, Colorado, with the option to start the journey in either destination. 

Traveling east or west, you will pass stunning lush mountain vistas, beautiful plains, and striking desert scenery of Utah and Colorado. 

Day 1: Moab to Glenwood Springs

If traveling west from Moab, Utah's Scarlet City, Rocky Mountaineer will begin the journey by Arches National Park, showcasing 73,234-acres of vibrant red desert and famous geological features. 

Traveling alongside the Colorado River, some of the most extraordinary, colorful canyons will be seen with one aptly named Ruby Canyon, only accessible by train or from the river. Come the afternoon; the train will ascend through a spectacular 15-mile-long narrow canyon called De Beque Canyon towards its final destination of the day, Glenwood Springs.

Day 2: Glenwood Springs to Denver

Excitement brews for another rail day in the lap of luxury. Steeped in captivating canyons and pristine waterways, you will want cameras in hand to snap photos through iconic Byers Canyon and Gore Canyon, known for epic views and native wildlife. 

With a slow descent through the historic Moffat Tunnel, built in 1928, the train will emerge from 6.3 miles of mountainous terrain onto the eastern side of the continental divide towards more lush Colorado scenery. With the final whistle blow in Denver, the two-day journey filled with history, sights, and camaraderie will come to a close.

The Onboard Experience

Traveling by day in Rocky Mountaineer's SilverLeaf coaches, you will take in the continuously changing scenery through oversized windows perfect for viewing. You will be wowed through all your senses by enjoying impeccable service, regionally inspired cuisine, and engaging storytelling.

Rocky Mountaineer also offers a second service class, SilverLeaf Plus, with access to an exclusive renovated lounge car that includes additional indoor space, an exclusive mixologist, a small outdoor viewing area, and additional dining options.

Be the First to Travel on Rocky Mountaineer’s Newest Route 

Rockies to the Red Rocks is now available to book for both the 2022 and 2023 Rocky Mountaineer seasons. Book quickly as this rail route is sure to be popular.

Want to book other adventures with the train? Explore Rocky Mountaineer packages in both eastbound and westbound directions, add on extra nights or book specialized tours in the various regions—make this next vacation a trip of a lifetime!

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